Emmanuel Macron goes AWOL as protests, violence plague Paris

As France braces for another round of violent protests this weekend in Paris and other parts of the country, embattled French President Emmanuel Macron is a missing man, as he leaves his government to handle the chaos caused in part by his unpopular plan to hike gas taxes.

France scraps fuel tax, weighs wealth tax in response to massive protests

As French President Emmanuel Macron faces the biggest crisis of his presidency -- in the form of massive, and frequently violent, widespread protests -- his government is frantically backtracking on a controversial gas tax detested by demonstrators and considering shifting the tax burden to the rich.

Theresa May fights for political survival after draft Brexit deal sparks resignations, calls for her ouster

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May was fighting for her political survival on Thursday after a draft Brexit agreement with the European Union sparked resignations from her Cabinet -- and left furious pro-Brexit backbenchers pushing for a leadership challenge.

Merkel calls for creation of ‘European army,’ backing Macron in spat with Trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday backed French counterpart Emmanuel Macron in his call for a grand, European army -- a move that President Trump has called “insulting” as he urged the countries to fulfil their NATO commitments instead.

Israel slams ‘circus of Bolivian hypocrisy’ as socialist country invites groups critical of Israel to UN

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations is slamming a “circus of Bolivian hypocrisy” after the socialist country invited the director general of an anti-Israel group to speak at a Security Council event -- the latest controversial move by the Bolivians in the space of a week.

Theresa May warns EU she will not overturn Brexit referendum after bloc rejects deal

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday warned E.U. officials that she would not overturn the 2016 Brexit referendum, a day after her compromise proposals were dismissed out of hand by E.U. leaders at a summit in Austria.

Swedish elections likely to benefit nationalist party amid migration crisis

Sweden will go to the polls on Sunday in an election where the nationalist Swedish Democrats are expected to do well amid long-standing concerns over mass Islamic migration into the country -- the latest nation to turn rightward as the European Union struggles with fallout from the 2015 migration crisis.

UK’s Boris Johnson refuses to apologize after saying Muslim women in burqas look like ‘bank robbers’

Former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is refusing to apologize despite pressure from Britain’s political class -- including Prime Minister Theresa May -- after he said Muslim women who wear the burqa look like “bank robbers” and “letter boxes.”