British couple arrested after more than 20 pounds of cocaine found in cruise ship cabin

A British couple in their 70s was arrested last week after authorities discovered more than 20 pounds of cocaine in their room aboard a cruise ship, Portuguese police said.

Police have ‘grave fears’ about British woman missing in New Zealand

The father of a British woman who was last seen entering a New Zealand hotel Saturday made a tearful plea for help Friday -- but police said they have “grave fears” about the case.

Parents of Austin Tice, journalist kidnapped in Syria, say new info suggests son still alive

The parents of kidnapped American journalist Austin Tice said Tuesday undisclosed new information leads them to believe their son is still alive six years after he was last seen in Syria, and the pair said they're hopeful the Trump administration will get Tice freed.

Moroccan woman butchered lover before cooking his remains and serving with rice, prosecutors say

A Moroccan woman is accused of killing, butchering and cooking her lover before serving his remains to Pakistani workers in a traditional rice and meat dish known as machboos, United Arab Emirates authorities said.