North Korean defector on Kim Jong Un’s “lies,” surviving torture, and supporting Trump policy

Concerns are increasing that North Korea is deceptively surging ahead with its ballistic missile program – despite historic diplomacy negotiations with the United States – according to satellite imagery released last week, which purports to show sixteen covert bases. For one of North Korea’s most outspoken activists, there is only one solution to his homeland’s problem.

North Korea possibly hiding missile operating bases despite denuclearization pledge, think tank says

North Korea is possibly hiding up to 20 missile operating bases stashed in its reclusive mountains, a report said Monday — showing the Hermit Kingdom appears to be latching on to its missiles and nuclear weapons despite pledging to denuclearization.  

Pompeo’s meeting with North Korean official delayed amid denuclearization deadlock

The last-minute termination of a high-level meeting between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his North Korean counterpart could signal a significant roadblock in the delicate denuclearization talks with Pyongyang, which has ramped up rhetoric in recent weeks by threatening to expand the Hermit Kingdom's nuke arsenal due to "arrogant" U.S. actions.

North Korea remains ‘significant’ nuclear threat, Trump pick for top US general in South Korea says

North Korea remains a "significant" threat more than three months after the Singapore summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, Trump’s nominee to be the next American commander for U.S. and allied forces in South Korea told lawmakers Tuesday.

Trump praises North Korea’s announcement to dismantle main nuke site

President Donald Trump called it “very exciting” that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un agreed Wednesday to permanently dismantle his main nuclear complex, in addition to a missile engine test site and launch pad in the presence of outside inspectors.