Air show features sneak peak of China’s stealth combat drone years before 2022 rollout

China is reportedly developing a stealth combat drone that can “fly long hours, scout and strike the target when necessary" -- and, perhaps, fill a market vacancy for unmanned aerial vehicles that the United States has so far been hesitant to exploit.

Man-eating tiger crushed by tractor, second killer cat lured to death with Calvin Klein cologne in India

Two man-eating female tigers were caught and killed in India this weekend – one crushed by villagers using a tractor and the other shot to death after being lured out of her hiding place with a bottle of Calvin Klein cologne, officials said.

British couple arrested for allegedly keeping Polish ‘slave’ in garden shed for 4 years

A British couple allegedly forced a Polish man to work in exchange for food and held him captive against his will inside their garden shed for more than four years, authorities said.

Asia Bibi, Christian woman on Pakistan death row for blasphemy, acquitted in landmark ruling

A Christian woman in Pakistan on death row for nearly a decade after she allegedly contaminated a water jug -- an offense viewed as blasphemy in the Muslim country -- was acquitted by the country’s top court on Wednesday.

US student detained in Israel for BDS support allowed to enter Jewish state after deportation overturned

Israel's Supreme Court said Thursday an American graduate student stuck for more than two weeks in immigration limbo will be allowed to enter the country, ruling the woman's desire to study in the Jewish state undermined her previous support of an anti-Israel boycott campaign.

ISIS hate preacher Anjem Choudary released from UK prison after serving less than half of sentence

A British preacher who became ISIS' rock star radicalizer in the U.K. -- even working to convert believers behind bars -- was freed from prison Friday after serving less than half of a 5-1/2-year sentence.