Jose Mourinho fired by Man United after 2½ years

Jose Mourinho was fired by Manchester United on Tuesday, two days after English soccer's biggest club reached a new low in its disappointing season by losing to Liverpool in the Premier League.

Asylum seekers stake claims on patch of US soil at border

Several asylum seekers, joined by two members of the U.S. Congress, waited on a small patch of U.S. soil for hours demanding that their claims be processed immediately, challenging a U.S. policy to make people wait in Mexico if there are capacity constraints.

After Trump urging, Japan announces plan to bolster defense with purchase of 147 F-35s

Japan’s government on Tuesday approved its first aircraft carrier and various increases in its military defense capabilities amid pressure from the Trump administration to spend "massive amounts" on American military defense products to lower its trade surplus with the U.S., The Wall Street Journal reported.

In 2019, Mideast economic troubles loom as wars wind down

As the Middle East ushers in 2019, the decade's ruinous conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq seem to be winding down after exacting a painful price — many thousands killed, millions uprooted from their homes and entire cities reduced to rubble.