Progress in sea feud, Koreas stir ASEAN, though rifts pester

Southeast Asian nations are expected to welcome an initial negotiating draft of a nonaggression pact with China on the South China Sea, but critics warn that the protracted talks provide a diplomatic cover for Beijing's tenacious aggression in the disputed waters.

UN experts say Iran might want to help end war in Yemen

U.N. experts say Iran might be willing to play "a constructive role" in ending the war in Yemen, though adding in a new report that Tehran still appears to be arming Yemen's Houthi Shiite rebels with ballistic missiles and drones.

UN asked to punish peacekeepers who don’t protect civilians

More than 30 countries that support a set of principles calling for U.N. peacekeepers to protect civilians in armed conflict are asking the United Nations to go a step further and hold peacekeepers accountable if they fail to do so.