Amanda Knox’s return to Italy slammed as ‘inappropriate’ by slain British student’s family lawyer

Amanda Knox’s return to Italy Thursday was slammed as “inappropriate” by the lawyer representing the family of Meredith Kercher, the British student Knox was previously convicted of killing in 2007.

Police investigating Cyprus serial killer recover third suitcase containing human remains from toxic lake

A third suitcase containing human remains has been recovered from a toxic lake in Cyprus this week as police continue their investigation into a Cypriot army captain who has confessed to killing at least seven women and girls.

Ukrainian captain arrested in fatal boat crash that left 7 dead, 21 missing: police

A Ukrainian man captaining the cruise ship that collided with a Hungarian sightseeing boat Wednesday night, killing at least seven people, has been arrested on suspicions of endangering water transport, police said.

South Korean tourists were not wearing life jackets in fatal boat collision that left 7 dead, 21 missing: officials

South Korea’s Foreign Ministry office said Friday that none of the passengers involved in the deadly sightseeing boat accident in Hungary that left at least seven dead were wearing life jackets when their boat capsized.

Iranian hitman linked to Irish gangsters ‘Gucci Gang’ killed in Ireland in apparent revenge attack

An Iranian national who worked as a hitman for the group “Gucci Gang” was shot dead in Ireland on Tuesday after being targeted in an alleged revenge killing for the murder of two of his fellow associates.

Malaysia to return 3,300 tons of waste back to several countries, including US, citing illegal dumping

Malaysia has vowed to send back 3,300 tons of plastic waste to countries, including the United States, that it says illegally dumped the non-recyclable garbage after a ban in China forced cargo ships to reroute their trash to nearby developing countries.