France’s Macron caught between protests, Strasbourg attack

French President Emmanuel Macron is trying to take back control of his nation after a month of protests that caused mayhem across the country — and now a new extremist attack that's putting France on renewed terror alert.

How Macron won Trump’s friendship, failed to influence him

For over a year, French President Emmanuel Macron has cajoled his counterpart Donald Trump, convinced he could make him change his thinking on climate change, the Iran nuclear deal and world trade.

France’s Macron turns away from Trump in laying out roadmap

French President Emmanuel Macron laid out his roadmap for the country's diplomatic priorities in the year to come during a 90-minute speech to France's ambassadors Monday.

Volunteers re-enact World War I encampment in Verdun, France

Hundreds of volunteers from 18 countries gathered in the northeastern French town of Verdun on Saturday to keep alive the memory of those who fought under appalling conditions in World War I. Re-enactors dressed in soldiers' uniforms brought to life a big military encampment in the town and were holding a military parade, part of a series of events to mark the centenary of the end of the war.