Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ‘disintegrated into confetti,’ captain appears to have run ‘amok,’ report says

The ill-fated Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was piloted by a captain who was often "lonely and sad" and experimented with a flight profile which nearly matched the aircraft's doomed path that a new report reveals left a slim chance of finding remains of what really happened in the skies that calamitous evening.

Hong Kong extradition bill debate delayed as police reveal they used over 150 rounds of tear gas on protesters

The debate over Hong Kong's controversial extradition bill that has fueled massive and sometimes violent protests was delayed for a second time on Thursday, as authorities revealed the amount of force to suppress demonstrators.

North Korea’s public execution sites numbering in the hundreds identified in new report

Over 300 sites in North Korea have been identified being the location of public executions carried out by the hermit kingdom, sometimes drawing hundreds of forced spectators as the part of a campaign to intimidate citizens, according to a report released Tuesday by a human rights group.

Postcards may provide ‘significant’ clues in cold case of US mother killed in UK, police say

Two postcards may hold the key to solving a decades-old unsolved killing of a mother of two who was last seen alive heading off to spend her day sketching and taking photographs, according to authorities in England.

Hong Kong to push ahead with extradition bill despite mass protests, fears that ‘anyone can disappear’

A controversial extradition bill that spurred massive protests and shut down the center of Hong Kong on Sunday will go forward, despite fears that mainland China's broadening footprint in the semi-autonomous territory could target critics.

Missing climbers in Himalayas, including 2 Americans, face ‘bleak’ chance of survival, official says

A group of eight climbers -- including to Americans -- have gone missing while attempting to scale India's second-highest mountain, sparking a massive search as one official disclosed Sunday they are unlikely to be found amid reports of a "sizeable avalanche."