Indian authorities brace for worst air pollution season

With the air quality reduced to "very severe" in the Indian capital region, authorities are bracing for a major Hindu festival featuring massive fireworks that threatens to cloak New Delhi with more toxic smog and dust.

India chief justice’s new decision strikes down adultery law

India's Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has presided over a string of verdicts in recent weeks that grant more rights to women, gay couples and religious minorities, challenging deeply-conservative Indian society as he prepares to retire from the bench next month.

India’s top court limits use of gov’t identification number

India's top court on Wednesday upheld the government's policy of issuing a 12-digit identification number to every citizen, but said it can't be made mandatory for services such as bank accounts, cellphone connections and school admissions.

Political storm brews after India nixes foreign flood aid

A political battle is brewing in flood-ravaged south India, with the ruling party in Kerala state protesting the central government's refusal to accept $100 million in relief offered by foreign governments.