Interpol: Rules forbid probe of ex-president’s fate in China

Interpol's secretary general said Thursday that the international police organization's rules forbid him from probing into the fate of the Chinese government official who served as Interpol president for almost two years before he vanished during a trip to China.

Macron’s presidency hurt by ex-aide flaunting gun in photo

A French investigative website has published a photo of one of President Emmanuel Macron's former security aides posing with a gun and a waitress during a campaign stop amid France's 2017 election — without any known authorization to be armed.

Far-right shuts French rapper out of Bataclan attack site

A popular French Muslim rapper said Friday he is canceling sold-out October concerts at the Bataclan music hall in Paris, a target of the deadly 2015 terror attacks, due to pressure from far-right groups who claim he promotes a radical ideology and is desecrating a now-sacred site.

France’s Macron admits system of torture during Algeria war

French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday formally recognized the responsibility of the French state in the death of a dissident mathematician in Algeria in 1957, admitting for the first time the French military's "system" that included torture during Algeria's independence war.

Paris police: Mix-up behind the return of Air China plane

An Air China flight to Beijing returned to Paris on Thursday after an airline employee misunderstood a calling passenger and thought he was reporting a bomb on the plane, Paris airport police said.

Macron takes responsibility for scandal over aide’s violence

Lawmakers from President Emmanuel Macron's party quoted him in tweets Tuesday night as saying he takes full responsibility in a scandal surrounding a former security chief seen in a video beating a protester.