North Korea gave US $2M hospital bill over care of American Otto Warmbier: report

The U.S. reportedly received a $2 million hospital bill in 2017 from the North Korean government for the care of American Otto Warmbier, who fell into a coma for unknown reasons while in police custody.

China, Russia could stand to learn crucial info by intercepting Trump’s personal calls, analysts say

President Donald Trump refuted reports on Thursday that – despite warnings from the intelligence community – his continued use of a personal cell phone has enabled foreign spies to listen. Yet leading experts in the security and the intel arena concurred that such breaches are highly plausible and far more wide-reaching than what meets the eye, or the ear.

As caravan approaches, Trump warns he’ll cut aid to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador

President Trump tweeted Monday that the United States will begin cutting off foreign aid to countries that have failed to stop a growing group of thousands of migrants marching its way through Mexico and to the U.S. border.

Balloon of London mayor wearing yellow bikini to fly over city in response to ‘Trump baby’ blimp

Protesters were given the OK on Thursday to fly a blimp of London Mayor Sadiq Khan wearing a yellow bikini over the city in response to the “Trump baby” balloon that flew during the U.S. president’s visit to the United Kingdom last month.

Queen Elizabeth II wore brooch Obamas gifted her on day Trump arrived in the UK: report

Queen Elizabeth II wore a brooch former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama gave her in 2011 on the day President Trump visited the U.K., reports stated.