Kim Jong Un says North Korea must deliver ‘telling blow’ to those imposing sanctions

North Korean leader Kim Jung Un said a telling blow” needs to be dealt to those imposing crippling sanctions through a more self-reliant economy during a Wednesday meeting of the nation’s ruling party, according to the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

Anti-North Korean group claims responsibility for Spanish embassy attack, says FBI contacted them for stolen data

An underground group working to oust North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un has claimed the responsibility for the raid on the North Korean embassy in Spain last month, while authorities accuse the group members of having connections to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and offering stolen information to the FBI.

Spain says American, Mexican, South Korean citizens carried out attack on North Korea embassy

Spain has accused an American, Mexican and South Korean of carrying out an attack in broad daylight on North Korean Embassy in February, claiming the leader of a “criminal organization� offered the stolen data to the FBI.

Kim Jong Un under fire for flagrantly violating sanctions with his mysterious, growing fleet of luxurious vehicles

Despite the robust United Nations sanctions that have long been slapped upon North Korea – banning sales of luxury goods and vehicles to the nuclear weapons-procuring and human rights-abusing government – leader Kim Jong appears to have no problem curating an extravagant car collection, and flagrantly flashing the violations for the world to see.

2 suspects in North Korea embassy attack in Madrid have CIA ‘connections:’ reports

Spanish intelligence officials have implicated the CIA in the break-in at the North Korean Embassy in Madrid last month where diplomatic staff was bound and held hostage, reports claim.

Indonesian woman accused of killing Kim Jong Un’s brother reiterates her innocence, says dropped charges shocked her

Siti Aisyah, the Indonesian woman who was freed from custody in Malaysia Monday after being charged with killing Kim Jong Un’s half-brother in 2017, said she was skeptical when she first heard she was being released.

North Korea rebuilding rocket launch site after failed summit, reports say

North Korea is restoring a rocket launch site it had dismantled as part of its disarmament pledge last year, just a week after the nuclear summit between Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump ended without an agreement, reports said Tuesday.

Kim Jong Un to stay in Vietnam through weekend after Trump negotiations collapse during second summit

Kim Jong Un will be extending his stay in Vietnam through the weekend after negotiations with President Trump on North Korea’s denuclearization collapsed during the second summit.

Spanish police investigate incident at North Korean Embassy in Madrid that left woman hurt

Spanish authorities were investigating an incident at the North Korean Embassy in Madrid on Wednesday after assailants reportedly barged into the building, bound and gagged workers before fleeing the building with electronics.