North Korea, US in talks for 3rd Trump-Kim summit, Seoul says

North Korean and U.S. officials are holding "behind-the-scenes talks" to arrange a third summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on the fate of the North's expanding nuclear arsenal, South Korea's president said, four months after a second meeting between the leaders in Hanoi collapsed without any agreement.

Kim Jong Un was quick-tempered teen with limited academic abilities, kicked and spat on his classmates, book reveals

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was a spoiled quick-tempered child with limited academic abilities who lashed out at his Swiss school classmates for speaking German, a new biography book claims.

North Korea’s public execution sites numbering in the hundreds identified in new report

Over 300 sites in North Korea have been identified being the location of public executions carried out by the hermit kingdom, sometimes drawing hundreds of forced spectators as the part of a campaign to intimidate citizens, according to a report released Tuesday by a human rights group.