South African army descends on Cape Town to combat spiraling gang warfare

South Africa is sending in the big guns to wrest back control of some of the most impoverished neighborhoods of Cape Town - announcing a three-month deployment of the army aimed at tackling spiraling gang-related violence that has claimed the lives of more than 1,500 this year so far.

Hundreds of murders threaten Cape Town’s tourist mecca image: ‘We are living in a warzone’

When most Americans think of Cape Town, South Africa, they probably think of it as a mecca for tourists. But there’s a side to the city that is becoming more of a frightening reality – murder, much of it gang-related.

US scientist was suffocated in Greece, body found covered with burlap in Nazi-era bunker

An American scientist who went missing last week in Greece before she was found dead in an abandoned World War II bunker was suffocated, authorities said Wednesday as new details were revealed about where her body was discovered.

Body believed to be American scientist died in Greece by ‘criminal act,’ coroner says

A body of a woman found in an abandoned World War II bunker believed to an American scientist who went missing last week while attending a conference in Greece died of a "criminal act," a coroner said Wednesday.

Former Canadian UN worker and renowned humanitarian sentenced in Nepal for raping boys

For decades, Peter Dalglish, 62, held a distinguished reputation as one of Canada’s most esteemed and accomplished humanitarians devoted to the wellbeing of poor children. But on Monday, he was sentenced by a Nepali court to at least nine years behind bars for raping two young boys in a small village where he has lived arbitrarily for the past 17 years.

White supremacist arsonist set himself on fire while trying to burn down synagogue, video shows

A far-right extremist in England who attempted to burn down a synagogue on the day commemorating the Holocaust ended up engulfing himself in flames in video released of the attack.

UK ‘modern day slavery’ ring that forced 400 victims to work for under 75 cents a day busted

The largest modern-day slavery ring in the United Kingdom that saw more than 400 victims forced to work for less than 75 cents a day and live in squalor while the “masters” made millions was broken up, authorities revealed Friday.

‘Look where the angel is pointing’ tip gets Vatican to open 2 tombs in decades-old disappearance of teen

The Vatican announced on Tuesday that it will open two tombs in the centuries-old cemetery next week and test the DNA of bones in an attempt to solve the case of a Vatican employee’s missing teenage daughter who disappeared thirty six years ago.

Norwegian tycoon’s wife abduction may have been faked, was likely killed, police say

Authorities in Norway have shifted course in the investigation of the alleged abduction of the wife of one of the country's richest men, revealing on Wednesday they believe she may have killed and her kidnapping may have been staged.