Inside Venezuela’s torturous intelligence and drug-running branch SEBIN

In October, Fernando Alban –  the councilman of dissident Venezuelan political party Primero Justicia – spoke out against the embattled nation’s leader Nicolas Maduro at the United Nations in New York. On his return to Simon Bolivar International Airport, he was quietly seized by Venezuela's Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN). Three days later, Alban plunged to his death from a secretive 10th-floor building amid interrogation.

British police station mocked for tweeting photo of dangerous knife collection – that includes a spoon

Amid the U.K crackdown to stem the burgeoning number of knife attacks, one police department found them the inadvertent subject of internet mockery this week after lauding their knife-seizing efforts on Twitter – for critics to quickly point out the inflammatory spoon.

Maduro’s ‘collectivos’ strike terror while trying to win back support of Venezuela’s most vulnerable

The notion of masked men on no-license-plate motorcycles shooting down hapless citizens to rob them for their loaf of bread, dispersing tear gas and emptying magazines of bullets on crowds of anti-government protesters or lurking at the door with threats against an outspoken journalist has become commonplace in the ever-ravaged country that is Venezuela. These groups are known as the collectives or “collectivos” in Spanish, and function as embattled President Nicolas Maduro’s unofficial – albeit staunchly loyal – to take on the dirty work to extinguish dissent to avoid the optics of the state’s military acting with a heavy hand.

Germany crossbow victims were medieval combat enthusiasts, linked to deaths of 2 others hundreds of miles away

The three people killed by crossbow arrows inside a German hotel room were medieval combat enthusiasts and their deaths have been linked to two more deaths at one of the victim’s apartment several hundred miles away.

Spanish journalist arrested for trying to sell Assange embassy videos for $3.4M: report

A Spanish journalist and an unnamed computer programmer were arrested Wednesday for allegedly trying to make more $3.4 million by selling videos of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange during his time the Ecuador Embassy in London.

Cyprus serial killer case forces justice minister to resign amid uproar over handling by police

The unprecedented spate of killings by a suspected serial killer on Cyprus that spurred uproar over how police handled the disappearances of foreign women has inflicted another causality: the country's justice minister’s job.

Man guilty of trying to blow up Etihad flight with bomb hidden in meat grinder, Australian court rules

A man faces life in prison after an Australian court convicted him Wednesday of plotting to blow up a flight out of Sydney on behalf of the Islamic State using a bomb hidden inside a meat grinder.

Julian Assange sentenced to 50 weeks in prison, day before facing extradition hearing

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been sentenced to 50 weeks in prison for violating his bail and going into hiding at the Ecuadorian embassy, seven years ago, a sentence that comes just a day before a hearing is set to take place concerning his extradition to the U.S.