Migrant attempting to reach Europe discovered in hidden car box by Spanish border police

Newly released photos by authorities in Spain show how desperate some migrants are to make it to Europe, with one pictured over the weekend stowed away in a hidden box in a car.

Rescued migrants hijack cargo ship, European officials say

Migrants hijacked a cargo ship that had rescued them in the Mediterranean Sea, forcing the crew to set a course for Europe, the governments of Italy and Malta said Wednesday.

Almost 60,000 migrants deemed dead or missing on dangerous journeys since 2014, study finds

While global migration levels are currently at an unprecedented high – characterized by graphic images of refugees on the run in the Middle East, caravans traversing Central America and flimsy boats from Africa capsizing in the Mediterranean Sea – far less confronting is the silent toll of those who never make it a border, those who die or disappear on often-dangerous expeditions.

Europe’s migration ‘fixes’ trigger disgusting humanitarian crises

European leaders are changing their course as their efforts to curb migration have triggered what the U.N. and other groups condemn as massive humanitarian failures. Deeply divided over how and where to control Europe’s borders, leaders met Wednesday in a summit in Austria.

Sweden joins Europe’s move to right over migration backlash

Sweden has become the latest European country to have its political order shaken by a backlash against large-scale immigration, with voters giving a boost to a far-right party and weakening the more established ones.

Libya let Europe-bound migrants die in Mediterranean, rescue group says

A migrant woman and a toddler were abandoned and left to die in the Mediterranean Sea by the Libyan coast guard, a Spanish aid group alleged on Tuesday.