Mount Everest has become an ‘open ******,’ staggering amount of human waste found on its slopes

Mount Everest has a plumbing problem. The current "biggest" threat to climbers on the world's tallest peak, the former head of the Nepal Mountaineering Association says, is the staggering amount of human excrement being left on its slopes -- with some estimates putting that number at more than 17,000 pounds for this season alone. 

Belgian dad pleas for help to find son missing in Australia

A Belgian man says an encrypted phone message sent by his missing son could hold a clue to the 18-year-old tourist's disappearance from an Australian coastal town.

Zero elephants poached in a year in top Africa wildlife park

One of Africa's largest wildlife preserves is marking a year without a single elephant found killed by poachers, which experts call an extraordinary development in an area larger than Switzerland where thousands of the animals have been slaughtered in recent years.

Thai vets nurture lost baby dugong with milk and sea grass

A baby dugong, a large ocean mammal, that has developed an attachment to humans after being separated from its mother and getting lost off southern Thailand is being nurtured by marine experts in hopes that it can one day fend for itself.