Somalia attack results in deaths and injuries, reports say; Americans said to be among casualties

At least a dozen people, including an unknown number of Americans, died during a more than 14-hour-long siege on a Somali hotel carried out by gunmen with ties to the global Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda, reports said.  

30 German mosques and cultural centers tied to Hezbollah: intel report

The intelligence agency for the northern German city-state of Hamburg revealed in a hair-raising report on Monday that 30 mosques and cultural centers in the Federal Republic have ties to the US-classified terrorist organization Hezbollah.

Australian police arrest 3 men over alleged ISIS-linked plot: report

Police say three men have been arrested over an alleged Islamic State group-inspired plot to attack several Sydney targets, including police and defense buildings, courts, churches and diplomatic missions.

Analyst says Australian teen was Islamic State propagandist

A security analyst says the eldest of three orphaned Australian siblings pleading for repatriation from a Syrian refugee camp has been an Islamic State group propagandist who could potentially face terrorism charges at home.

Female jihadists are just as ‘motivated’ to build an Islamic State as men, report concludes

Female jihadists are just as dedicated as their male comrades when it comes to bringing to life an “Islamic State,” the European Union’s police agency stated at Europol’s headquarters on Friday when presenting the findings of extensive analysis.

Report warns of Dutch vulnerability to cyberattacks

The Dutch counterterrorism and security coordinator is warning that the country is vulnerable to cyberespionage and sabotage from countries including China, Russia and Iran.