Somalia attack results in deaths and injuries, reports say; Americans said to be among casualties

At least a dozen people, including an unknown number of Americans, died during a more than 14-hour-long siege on a Somali hotel carried out by gunmen with ties to the global Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda, reports said.  

South African army descends on Cape Town to combat spiraling gang warfare

South Africa is sending in the big guns to wrest back control of some of the most impoverished neighborhoods of Cape Town - announcing a three-month deployment of the army aimed at tackling spiraling gang-related violence that has claimed the lives of more than 1,500 this year so far.

Hundreds of murders threaten Cape Town’s tourist mecca image: ‘We are living in a warzone’

When most Americans think of Cape Town, South Africa, they probably think of it as a mecca for tourists. But there’s a side to the city that is becoming more of a frightening reality – murder, much of it gang-related.

Sudan military agrees to sharing power, protesters claim victory for their ‘revolution’

Leaders of Sudan's pro-democracy movement welcomed on Friday the power-sharing agreement with the ruling military council as a victory for their "revolution," raising hopes for an end to the three-month standoff with the generals and deadly violence.

More than 100 civilians killed by violence outbreak in South Sudan

The world’s newest nation, South Sudan, has once again descended into a wave of fresh fighting that is said to have claimed the lives of more than 100 civilians, according to the United Nations. The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said Wednesday that civilians had been “deliberately and brutally targeted” in Central Equatoria, marking a severe deterioration since a feeble peace agreement was signed between warring factions in September.

Kenya’s president blunt on scourge of al-Shabab: ‘I would be lying to you if I said that we had dealt with the problem’

Wedged in the middle of chaos, bordered by the long-running instability of South Sudan to the northwest and Somalia to the east, the East African nation of Kenya is striving to maintain the feeble balance of welcoming refugees while securing their borders from the infiltration of terrorists.

South African woman reunited with son six years after he disappeared and was tracked down 1,000 miles away

Jane Daniels, a pensioner in Delft, near Cape Town, South Africa, was distraught when her mentally challenged son Denzil disappeared six years ago. When the police came up with no leads, after three years, Denzil was presumed dead - until two weeks ago.

Body of suspected stowaway found in London garden, may have fallen from Heathrow-bound plane: report

Police and airline officials say a stowaway fell from the landing gear of a jet as it approached London's Heathrow Airport after a 9-hour flight from Nairobi.

Body of Kenyan stowaway found in London yard after falling from plane’s landing gear: police

Authorities in London are investigating after a body, believed to be that of Kenyan stowaway, was found in the garden of one home over the weekend after likely falling from the landing gear of a plane passing over. 

ICC prosecutor: Sudan authorities should hand over ex-leader

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court urged Sudan's transitional authorities on Wednesday to hand over or prosecute ousted President Omar al-Bashir and four others for alleged war crimes in Darfur.