Britain will be ‘slapped in the face’ for seizure of Iranian tanker, cleric says

Britain will soon to get “slapped in the face” for the capture of an Iranian supertanker last week, a cleric was quoted as saying Friday amid rising tensions between the two nations in the Gulf.

30 German mosques and cultural centers tied to Hezbollah: intel report

The intelligence agency for the northern German city-state of Hamburg revealed in a hair-raising report on Monday that 30 mosques and cultural centers in the Federal Republic have ties to the US-classified terrorist organization Hezbollah.

Turkey prepares to receive Russian missile system, as questions swirl over potential US punishment

The shipment of Russia’s highly-anticipated S-400 air defense missile system to Turkey is expected to roll out any day now, roiling the indignation of many U.S. officials and over what punishment will be slapped on the NATO ally. Despite the pressure, Turkey has refused to rescind.

Russian oligarch says he spent $20M after McCabe asked him to help free retired FBI agent from Iran

A Russian oligarch caught in the crosshairs of Robert Mueller’s Russia probe says he spent over $20 million of his own money at the behest of Andrew McCabe, the fired deputy of the bureau, on a mission – that was later scuttled – to free a retired FBI agent captured in Iran.