Britain will be ‘slapped in the face’ for seizure of Iranian tanker, cleric says

Britain will soon to get “slapped in the face” for the capture of an Iranian supertanker last week, a cleric was quoted as saying Friday amid rising tensions between the two nations in the Gulf.

Boris Johnson says it’s ‘bizarre’ people are blaming him for resignation of UK ambassador to US

Boris Johnson — the British politician who will most likely become the U.K. prime minister in the coming weeks — denied on Thursday that he had anything to do with the resignation of U.K. Ambassador to the U.S. Kim Darroch.

UK’s Jeremy Corbyn says Labour Party backs new Brexit referendum

In a significant shift, Britain's main opposition Labour Party said Tuesday that the country's soon-to-be chosen new leader should hold a second referendum on whether to leave the European Union or remain in the bloc.

White supremacist arsonist set himself on fire while trying to burn down synagogue, video shows

A far-right extremist in England who attempted to burn down a synagogue on the day commemorating the Holocaust ended up engulfing himself in flames in video released of the attack.

British ambassador who called Trump ‘inept’ has Theresa May’s ‘full support’

Prime Minister Theresa May's office has reiterated her full support for Britain's ambassador to the United States after President Donald Trump cut off contact with him following the leak of diplomatic cables that branded the U.S. administration as "inept."

UK ‘modern day slavery’ ring that forced 400 victims to work for under 75 cents a day busted

The largest modern-day slavery ring in the United Kingdom that saw more than 400 victims forced to work for less than 75 cents a day and live in squalor while the “masters” made millions was broken up, authorities revealed Friday.

Britain seizes Iranian oil tanker headed to Syria, furious Tehran summons British ambassador over ‘destructive’ action

Iran has summoned the British ambassador in Tehran as the regime fumes after Britain seized an Iranian tanker on Thursday believed to be violating the European Union sections by providing crude oil to the Syrian regime.

China accuses UK of ‘basking in the faded glory of British colonialism’ after Hong Kong criticism

China’s foreign ministry lashed back Wednesday at criticism by Britain’s foreign secretary on the recent protests in Hong Kong, saying the region’s former colonial master had no right to weigh in on Hong Kong’s affairs.

Pro-Brexit lawmakers turn back on European anthem ‘Ode to Joy’ at EU Parliament opening

Lawmakers from Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party turned their backs on the European anthem on Tuesday at the opening of the E.U. Parliament -- and promising more to come if the U.K. doesn’t leave the bloc in October.

Body of suspected stowaway found in London garden, may have fallen from Heathrow-bound plane: report

Police and airline officials say a stowaway fell from the landing gear of a jet as it approached London's Heathrow Airport after a 9-hour flight from Nairobi.

Body of Kenyan stowaway found in London yard after falling from plane’s landing gear: police

Authorities in London are investigating after a body, believed to be that of Kenyan stowaway, was found in the garden of one home over the weekend after likely falling from the landing gear of a plane passing over.