Peru inmates exchange life of crime for sewing designs

The agile hands of men who once worked as pickpockets, hit men and drug traffickers are these days dedicated to a much more docile task: Cutting and sewing fabrics to create fashionable clothes at a workshop in the prison where they are serving time.

Peru’s military tries to curb illegal gold mining in Amazon

By day, Peruvian police and soldiers search for and destroy equipment used by illegal gold miners in a part of the Amazon rainforest where mining has transformed once-dense foliage into a desert pocked with dead trees and toxic pools.

Peru’s attorney general reverses course on corruption probe

Peru's attorney general on Wednesday reversed his dismissal of the lead investigators in a sweeping corruption probe into top officials, retreating in the face of a growing public outcry and a bid by the president that could remove him from office.

Peru judicial chief resigns in latest scandal rocking Peru

The head of Peru's judicial branch resigned Thursday in the wake of a mounting corruption scandal involving secret phone recordings capturing numerous judges making behind-the-scenes deals on everything from promotions to criminal sentences.