Sri Lanka suicide bombers became distant, ‘totally crazy’ in years leading up to Easter massacre, siblings say

Sisters of the alleged Sri Lanka suicide bombers revealed Thursday that their siblings – who have been described by officials as “well-educated people” -- became increasingly distant and “totally crazy” in the years leading up to the coordinated Easter Sunday massacre.

Sri Lanka’s leader calls for officials’ firings as Easter suicide bombers revealed to be ‘well-educated people’ who studied abroad

Sri Lanka's president is calling for the resignations of the country’s defense secretary and national police chief Wednesday after officials admitted to suffering a “major lapse” in communications in the lead-up to the Easter Sunday bombings, which have left more than 350 people dead.

Sri Lanka Easter bombing culprits remain elusive as no militant groups step up to claim responsibilty

More than a day after the Easter Sunday suicide bombings in Sri Lanka that claimed the lives of nearly 300 people, little has been revealed or said about the militant group government officials are blaming for the violence.

British cops filmed dancing with climate protesters are blasted by their bosses for ‘unacceptable behavior’

A pair of British police officers are being blasted by their bosses for “unacceptable behavior” Thursday after being caught on video dancing amongst a crowd of climate activists who have been snarling traffic and public transit in London this week.

Japanese F-35 stealth jet parts found as US destroyer joins in frantic search

Parts belonging to the Japanese F-35 stealth fighter jet that crashed into the Pacific Ocean during a training flight have been recovered, the country’s defense ministry announced Wednesday, as a U.S. guided-missile destroyer joined in on the search for the rest of the aircraft and its pilot.

Taliban leader Mullah Omar lived ‘dangerous’ last years of his life in the shadows of US bases, book claims

The former one-eyed Afghanistan Taliban leader who had a $10 million bounty on his head in the wake of the 9/11 attacks was secretly living near American military bases in the war-torn country for years, a new book claims.