No bones found in Vatican tombs searched for missing girl

The tombs of two 19th-century German princesses were pried open at a tiny Holy See cemetery Thursday and turned out to be completely empty, dashing any expectations they held the remains of a teenager who vanished in 1983 after leaving her family's Vatican City apartment.

Runners complain Spain’s running of the bulls has become lackluster over protective measures

At least seven people have been hospitalized and 67 more were tended to by medics during the first five bull runs of this year’s San Fermin festival in Spain but, despite this, some veteran runners are complaining that the tradition is growing increasingly dull. 

Body of Kenyan stowaway found in London yard after falling from plane’s landing gear: police

Authorities in London are investigating after a body, believed to be that of Kenyan stowaway, was found in the garden of one home over the weekend after likely falling from the landing gear of a plane passing over.