Economy was key to Brazil win, but will he deliver?

Key to Jair Bolsonaro's recent election victory was the support of Brazil's business community, which coalesced around him because he promised to overhaul Latin America's largest economy and address its worrying budget deficit.

Brazil yearns for change but some say democracy at risk

A desire for radical change among many Brazilians after years of turmoil has fueled the rise of a far-right former army captain who supporters say will fight crime and corruption if elected president Sunday but who opponents warn threatens one of the world's largest democracies.

Brazil arrests man linked to Hezbollah on crimes in Paraguay

Brazilian police on Friday arrested a fugitive whom U.S. authorities have accused of serving as Hezbollah's financier and who has repeatedly been accused of illegal activity in a lawless border area where three South American nations meet.

Brazil could limit number of Venezuelans entering

Brazilian authorities are considering significantly reducing the number of Venezuelans entering Brazil each day as a border state struggles to deal with the flood of people fleeing political and economic turmoil, President Michel Temer said Wednesday.