Putin says Russia must control rap music to avoid ‘degradation of the nation’

The explosion of rap music in Russia spurred President Vladimir Putin to call for cultural leaders on Saturday to devise a means of controlling its role for youth culture instead of an outright ban, saying it otherwise will lead to the degeneration of the nation. 

Macron to address France after latest riots in Paris result in nearly 1,000 arrests

Over four weeks after nationwide anti-government protests have turned the streets of Paris into battlefields between demonstrators and riot police, French President Emmanuel Macron will break his silence Monday on the expanding crisis.

Pan Am Flight 103 wreckage lays at scrapyard in English village, nearly 30 years after deadly terror attack

Nearly 30 years after Pan Am Flight 103 was blown out of the sky over Scotland, killing all 259 passengers and crew members aboard, the final resting place for some of the wreckage has been revealed in new photos to be at a scrapyard in the English countryside.

Indonesia Lion Air pilots fought to control aircraft before crash; investigators say plane not ‘airworthy’

As a Lion Air jet rocketed into the sky after taking off from Indonesia's capital city last month, it's pilots fought to maintain control as an automatic safety system repeatedly forced the aircraft's nose down, investigators said Wednesday, adding that the plane should not have been in service.