Vatican investigator of child sex abuse meets Polish bishops

The Vatican's sex crimes prosecutor, Archbishop Charles Scicluna, is meeting Poland's Catholic bishops to share his experience in tracking crimes, after the Polish church admitted knowledge of hundreds of cases of abuse of minors by priests.

Poland: Statue of priest accused of abuse removed

A statue featuring a Polish priest suspected of child sex abuse was removed from the grounds of a major Catholic pilgrimage site in central Poland, days ahead of a meeting between Polish bishops and the Vatican's sex crimes investigator.

Poland bestows honor on controversial British philosopher

Poland's president has bestowed a prestigious state honor on a conservative English philosopher who has stirred controversy at home with comments about homosexuality, Islamophobia and Jews.

Polish advocate for church victims resigns in scandal

The founder and head of a Polish organization dedicated to helping victims of pedophile priests has resigned after allegations surfaced that he tried to extort money from a victim and demanded money from the producers of a documentary about clerical abuse.